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The 23 year old Italian Windsurfer Claudio Brunotti settles in Scheveningen (NL) after a holiday tour through Europe where he develops his passion for surfing. He experiments with materials in his Scheveningen workshop and designs his own windsurfboards. He enters several prestigious surfing competitions and wins world cup titles.


Brunotti Boards gains popularity. Claudio starts selling his boards. Before long, he has established a good reputation and his promotional T-shirts become collectors' items. The contemporary clothes collection with a surfy look and Italian touch take the market by storm.


Claudio effortlessly turns from surfboards and beachwear to developing functional and technical snowboarding outfits. These are based on his personal experiences and those of other snowboard riders, and consequently meeting the needs of extreme riders.


Claudio eventually passes on the ins and outs of board shaping to Jinne Sietsma, a real Scheveningen surfer. Claudio's tips enabled him to refine shaping techniques and carry on the strong tradition of Brunotti Boards. Meanwhile, Claudio begins to long for home and he moves to Italy.


Brunotti starts with selling the clothing collections abroad.


Two Dutch entrepreneurs purchases the brand. Bergsma and his team begin doing their utmost to ensure the success of Brunotti. Registering Brunotti as a global brand name is a crucial step. This enables the new team to start developing two complete Sportswear collections a year for the European market. In addition Bergsma teams up with designers, buyers, sales representatives, logistics professionals and marketeers to build the brand.


In order to guard the authenticity of the brand, Brunotti Boards is also registered as a license. Brunotti also starts developing bags and eyewear.


Due to an increasing European market Brunotti opens its own office in Germany.


The RDP collection is introduced to increase the technical development of the Brunotti Sportswear collection. RDP is short for Rider Developed Product. The collection contains a full range of products with technical features for active surfers and boarders.


Brunotti opens its fully owned and independent warehouse Blue Brand Logistics (5500m2) in the Netherlands. It is provided with an updated management system in order to ensure optimum product distribution. The warehouse is nearby the Brunotti headquarters to ensure proximity, product control and effective workflow.


The Brunotti E-shop is launched to meet the demands of the increasing amount of online consumers.


A new shop-in-shop system is developed to create one global image at the Brunotti dealers worldwide.


Brunotti extends the product portfolio with introducing new products like Underwear, sweat collection and 'Never out of Stock' products.

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