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When it comes to extreme big air kitesurfing, only a few can compare to megaloop master Joshua Emanuel. The South African local continues to use his kite to challenge the laws of physics, looking for the limit of a low kite loop.

Josh is our King On Short Lines and the inventor of the SUPERLOOP

The superloop is a manoeuvre where he loops his kite so low to the sea, that you can literally hear the water splashing on the tips of his kite. At this point, there is NO WAY BACK. This extreme move is only possible when the wind pumps over 35 knots and the kite is attached to only 10 meter lines. An insane signature move that makes the crowd crazy!

With his aggressive style, fearless moves and insane technique, we are sure that Josh will give away a great show on this 10th anniversary of RedBull’s King Of The Air.

18 Riders, One Crown

Red Bull King of the Air is the world's premier Big-Air kiteboarding contest, featuring 18 invited riders from around the globe. Riders are judged based on the height of their jumps, variety of tricks, and style.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Red Bull King of the Air being hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. During this time the competition has become THE marquee big air kiteboarding event on the global calendar. 18 of the world’s best kiteboarders will descend upon the Mother City Capetown for some massive air and huge scores.

The wind window opens on the 24th of November and closes the 9th of December. The event only takes place if it blows over 35 knots.

Our pride

Josh has been a part of the Brunotti Tribe since 2018. A definition of a legend in his discipline and definitely Brunotti’s pride. To show our support we have designed a special harness which includes Josh’s personal elements.

- The colours of the SA flag - Josh is proud to represent his country;
- Durban - His hometown, this is the place where he found his biggest passion: kitesurfing;
- Superloop - Josh his signature move, on short lines pushing his kite as low as possible.