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Never in the history of windsurfing has there ever been a woman who has won 20 (!!!) world titles. But Sarah-Quita makes the impossible, possible. Not only does she hold the record of the woman with most world titles, she is also number one in every single discipline. Including waves, slalom ánd freestyle. This water woman definitely deserves a crown. 

During last weekends windsurfing event Dam-X, we took the chance to crown our Queen. Sarah-Quita is without a doubt the Queen of Windsurf. With her love for the sport, she is the definition of a true water women. But also off duty, this woman is a great addition to the (windsurfing) world. With her big smile and infectious positive energy, she is the best example any young rider could have.
We are honored and proud to have Sarah-Quita in our team.

On to number 21 😉

Forte-AO Bikinitop

Lollypop Bikini

Long Jane 2mm

Xena-Waist Harness