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Always delivers and feels like home!

Team rider Youri Zoon went to Greece so many times, though, he didn't came much further than his favorite freestyle spot in Drepano. So this time, he went way more south, cruised down the Pelopponese coastline to see what this land has more to offer. And yes, it delivered again!

Of course we started our trip in Drepano. Spanos Luxury Cars, Official Land Rover Dealer supported us once again with an unstoppable Defender 110. We stacked this beast with loads of new gear from Brunotti and Slingshot. After packing, we checked the forecast in Drepano fort he upcoming days. It didn’t looked that promising, so we decided to leave and start our drive to our first destination: the Phylos area. 

Phylos is known for its remote and stunning beaches that stretch up and down the Pelopponese coastline. Voidokilia beach was one of those beaches and this spot has always been a kind of a bucket list thing. As the spot is located in a stunning bay with only a small opening, you have to be lucky with the wind, as it has to come from a certain direction. As I just really wanted to ride this spot, I immediately set up my kite. But unfortunately the wind gods weren’t on our side that day, so we left the beach without a session. 

Every year, the area runs the well known Iron Man in Costa Navarino, so I wanted to check the bike course and went out for a morning ride! 

Next to that, we actually had a pretty decent forecast. After driving around and scouting several beaches, it seemed like we found a good spot. So we did found a nice beach, but the light was off, the wind was off and everything just seemed to be off for this session. I went out anyway, but I failed big time haha! We were alone on the beach again, the sun was shining, so what else could we ask for? Well the answer was clear, just a good first session :p 

So to be honest, this session was a bit of a fail, at least not what we had in mind! But the day wasn’t over yet, the wind was blowing, and… it was blowing from the right direction for Voidokilia beach! We had to be quick, because the sun was starting to set, so I rigged up my Slingshot Machine (11m) as fast as I could and took out my Youri Pro with straps out as well. It was time to have some fun!

That sunset session was such as good ride! The kiting, the bay with its sceneries and we shot some sick content over there. We finally scored an epic day of kiting, and yes that was definitely another one off the bucket-list. Next up were the incredible blues of Elafonissos!

Knowing where to go is one thing, but actually getting to Elafonissos is another. There are two ways to get to Elafonissos. You’ll have the regular toll highway and a historic, but scenic detour through the gorges and mountains from Kalamata and Sparta. You will guess the one we took😊.

Along the way, we took some history lessons as well. 

After a great and scenic 4h drive, we arrived at the ferry ‘’port’’ to get to our last stop in Elafonissos. I say ‘’port’’, because it was more like a dock, and with the island only a 5 min ferry tour away, you could already feel the beauty of this place! 

We got to the island and luckily I didn’t pressed the gas pedal to deep, because within 100 meter the hotel was already there! In general, this island isn’t that big at all. It only takes 15 kilometre to get from one side of the island to another, so we explored the island really quick. I immediately knew that I wanted to kite in front of the church. You cannot really miss it, because it’s located at the entrance of the port once you arrive with the ferry. It’s a bit of a mission, but we managed to ride, get some sick shots… and we got the interests of the locals as well. I guess I was the topic of the day on the island haha!

One more day, and we really saved the best for last. Some even consider Elafonissos as the Caribbean of Greece, and we found out why! We went to the most beautiful white sand beach, with cristal blue waters on the island. The wind was light, so it was time for some foiling. I took out my 9m Slingshot machine, and also the new Phantasm foil set was ready to get wet.

We finished our trip with a sick session, and I think these two shots are definitely one of my favorites.

Next morning, it was time to go back to Drepano and you might not believe it, the forecast was looking prime! West wind and a massive sand spit were on the forecast, so we put our pedal to themetal, it was time to go back ‘’home’’!

After some nice and fun days, discovering the most stunning places in the Pelopponesse, it was time to get back in freestyle mode. And yasss, I immediately remembered why I keep coming back to this place. It always delivers and feels like home! 

Greece, untill next time!