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After staying home for a while, things started itching again. So team rider @yourizoon decided it was time to turn back to one of his favorite freestyle spots in the world: Drepano, Greece.  

Drepano has always been one of Youri’s favorite destinations. It’s close by, the conditions are amazing and the people, which became his friends, are friendly. Normally, he visits the spot around 3 to 4 times a year, and if you’ll ask Youri, he’ll keep coming back.

Before, every single trip of Youri was based on improving his freestyle game. Of course, he still wants to improve his level, and always aims to be the best version of himself, but now he also travels for demos, clinics, coaching, and photoshoots. 

Obviously, there are still some things on Youri’s list. He’s currently training for the Iron Man, and he also wouldn’t say no to the Red Bull King of the Air: ‘’I realize that the level there is insanely high, so I’d have to train very hard, but if I would get the opportunity, I would give it a go!’’

One thing is sure, it’s never a dull moment with Youri, so let’s keep an eye on him and follow him along the way!