Brett Burcher // Engrained

Brett Burcher // Engrained

Documented over 18 months, Engrained is the brainchild and passion project of cinemaphotographer Darcy Ward and our teamrider Brett Burcher. We asked Brett what Engrained is about, the story behind this project and what we can expect.

What is the film about?
''The film isn't about anything in particular, it's more of a visual journey that tries to take the viewer to each location. There are four main sections in the movie, North Atlantic, Tasmania, South Australia and home. The introduction to each section begins with meaningful narration, which really sets the mood for that environment. We really wanted to create a film that captivates the audience and doesn't lose their attention.'' 

What is the story behind Engrained?
''The reason why 'Engrained' came about was basically just Darcy and myself deciding to share our common interests and use our passion and time to make something we were proud of. I enjoy writing and surfing and Darcy is a really talented filmmaker, we have worked together a lot on smaller projects so it was great to take some time to work on something with more purpose and visit locations we have had in mind for ages. We spoke about making a short film in the past, and regardless of the filming process, we both probably would have been doing the same thing anyway, so we figured why not just make something cinematic and real that hopefully all range of audiences can relate to.''

What can we expect?
''The main goal in the making of Engrained was to create a short film that will be resonate with any form of audience. It's just as much about capturing the journey and the quality of the visuals as it is about the surfing. You can expect to see a mix of big and small wave surfing in completely different locations combined with powerful narration and music over 20 minutes.''   

Engrained is released on the 9th of March in the Milton Theatre, Australia.

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