how to choose a kiteboard

how to choose a kiteboard

Team rider Youri Zoon is a World Champion Freestyle kiteboarder and one of our Rider Developed Product creators. Together with our team of designers he creates the kiteboard Youri pro collection for several years now. After all those years of kiteboarding and developing Brunotti kiteboards he definitely knows how to choose the right kiteboard. Go check it out.

When did you buy your first kiteboard?  
''That was back in 2003, a twintip from a French brand 173cm, haha.''

Which kiteboards do you have? 
''At the moment I ride the YZ pro 140 and I have the Boomer 5,8 for wave riding.''

What types of kiteboards are there and which one do you prefer? 
''There are a lot of differences in kiteboards, when I think about freestyle, freeride and even in the wave discipline there are many different styles. In freestyle for example you want to have a more direct and aggressive board, so you have to think about less comfort, less flex and a bit wider tips. While freeriding you want to have a smoother ride, so you need a more soft and flexible board.''

What do you keep in mind when you buy a kiteboard?  ''The most important thing when buying a board is to have a test ride on them! After this you will know if the board is the right one for you.''

What's your favorite kiteboard?   
''Of course my own Pro model, we've been developing this board for so many years to match my style and type of riding. The performance of the board and the design fit to my personal style as well.''

Which Brunotti kiteboard would you recommend when a rookie buys his first kiteboard? 
''I should go for the Brunotti Onyx, a super nice designed board but most important: it has a great performance and it's cheap!''

Which Brunotti kiteboard would you recommend when an advanced surfers wants to buy a more challenging kiteboard?
''It depends a bit on what you want. The YZ pro is really dedicated to freestyle but if you like to freeride you should go for the Dimension.''

Do you have a kiteboard with a special memory? 
''I have certain memories to all my kiteboards but I think the models I won my titles on are the most important boards for me. Besides that all my Pro models are standing at my office.''

durch Anouk Van Haaster