How to pick the right surfboard

How2pick the right surfboard

We spoke to our team rider and big wave surfer Brett Burcher again. This Brunotti rider bought his own surfboard when he was 14 and knows the different types of surfboards like nobody else. Brett Burcher explains how to choose the right surfboard that suits you and your surfing skills perfectly.

 When did you buy your first board?
''I began riding whatever I could get my hands on or whatever my parents let me have, but I started organizing my own boards when I was about 14.''
What types of surfboards are there and which one do you prefer?
''There is a wide range of surfboards to cater for all abilities. They range from beginner boards which are generally longer and heavier, making them more stable and easier to balance on. They come in fibreglass or foam. From there, there is epoxy, carbon fibre boards, wooden and all types of materials. They come in all shapes and sizes and again it depends on the type of surfer. I ride fibreglass shortboards, mainly round and rounded square tails. I use FCS thruster fin design and my standard boards are 6 foot 1 inches. If the waves get bigger, I have boards ranging from 6'6 to 10 foot long.''
What do you keep in mind when you buy a surfboard?
''Your height, weight and ability need to be taken into account. If you're a learner, the worst thing you can do is jump on a standard surfboard. You need something that is going to float you and help you progress quickly. A long, wide and thick board would be ideal until you feel it is time to step it down. For competent surfers, the board should be around the same height as you, just make sure your weight matches the boards thickness.''
What's the difference between a soft-top and a hard board?
''One is soft and one is hard, haha :). The soft one is good for learning and having fun, the other is made for performance.''
Which Brunotti surfboard would you recommend when a rookie buys his first surfboard?
''A Bravo would be the best choice as a first purchase. It's long and with more volume. It will allow for easier paddling, it will catch waves easier and will be more stable as you learn to progress your technique. Boards like the Bravo help build the foundations for surfing, need to learn how to walk before you can run.''
Which Brunotti surfboard would you recommend when an advanced surfer wants to buy a more challenging surfboard?
''A 5'6 or 6'0 Krypto would be the best board for an advanced surfer. It's a more refined board with all the ingredients to be used as a high performance board. It has a width in the tail and nose so it will float really well through the fat sections and accelerate through turns when you get steeper sections. It has a skaty feel about it, which would be great for trying innovative surfing.''
Do you have a surfboard with a special memory?
''I had this one board a few years ago that refused to break and I was lucky to catch some of the best waves of my life on. It's broken now though unfortunately haha.''

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