Amanda Spence - Designer Womenswear Brunotti

Interview Amanda Spence

Amanda Spence (26) - Designer Womenswear Brunotti
Let us introduce Amanda, one of our designers of the new Spring Summer collection. Amanda is a true water babe and likes to surf as well, so this positive & creative designer knows the needs of surfers and their apparel like nobody else. She is telling you all about the brand new SS17 collection, her favorite items and the reasons why you can't miss these fresh items in your summer wardrobe.

What's your favorite item of the SS17 collection?
I have a few favorites, but my favourite is the Venus legging from the SUP/active line. I really like this surfy legging, because of its multifunctional purpose. You can wear this cool item as a fitness/yoga legging, casually and also in the water for surfing or Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding. I also love the Jewel swimsuit, the Neptune bikini and Waverly bikini.''

Why does this item perfectly suits to Brunotti's boardsports lifestyle?
''I think all the items I named suit the boardsports lifestyle due to the nature of the products, they fall in line with Brunotti's ethos and are suitable to wear for all boardsports. Besides that the Venus legging is made from a heavyweight compact lycra, which gives your body more support and keeps you warm. Which is perfect for when you're out on the water for a while.''

Why does this item perfectly suits a boardsports lover?
''The eye-catcher of the Venus legging is the modern boho print which is tough and feminine at the same time. It's functional and beautiful, what else you do you want?''

When would you wear the Venus legging?
''I have already worn the leggings to the gym, my yoga class and as soon as I am somewhere where the water is warm enough I will be testing all of my other favorite items.''

What kind of feeling do you get when you see or wear this item?
  ''Just wonderful!''
Which item would you wear in combination with the Venus legging?

''If I would wear it casually I would combine the legging with the black Siphota knit. When I wear it for any boardsports I'd combine it with the Waverly top in black.''

durch Anouk Van Haaster