Designer Menswear Nora Penn

Interview Nora Penn

Nora Penn (33)  -  Designer Menswear Brunotti
We asked Nora Penn about the brand new collection for Spring/Summer 2017. With her professional knowledge as a designer linked to her hobbies kiteboarding, skiing and snowboarding, she gives us the ins- en outs about her favourite items, how-to-wear and why these key-items perfectly conform to board sports.
What's your favourite item of the SS17 collection?
''I have several favourites, some are personal designs for men and some are personal items I will wear myself. Design wise my personal favourites are the fashionable and technical styles. For example the Jude
board short out of the Youri selction is made out of a quick dry 4 way stretch fabric and has a multipurpose (X2 function). You can wear it during boardsports or while going to the gym. It has a technical look with laser cut details, but it is still sophisticated in colour and print.
I also like some tops with a new clean Brunotti feeling. For example the Extremis sweat. It's made out of a really light technical bonded sweat quality with a simple sophisticated graphic on the chest. Easy, stylish and comfortable. I also like the variation of having summery surf tees as well as the skater look, which we have covered with a slimmer longer tee and a cool back artwork Campane.
I will personally wear the styles in the mix with sports and fashion. I like sturdy styles with a hint of feminine sexy details. The top Tegula is a perfect example, a stripy top with a lace back to combine with everything. The board short Periwinkle is a feminine bohemian all overprint short. I would wear this to the beach, but I can also wear it on the water while kitesurfing since it is made out of a stretch quick dry fabric. I love the feather print, styles like Dominique will catch my attention too.''
Why do these items perfectly suit to Brunotti's boardsports lifestyle?
''Well, our riders like the mix of having products which have a multipurpose and so do I. We want to have functional products that make you look nice and also feel comfortable wherever you are. Of course you always want some pieces in your suitcase that suit the summer vibe as well. So fashion, tech and sports in one.''
Why do these items perfectly suit a boardsport lover?
''For example the Jude is developed together with our 2times kiteboard world champion Youri Zoon. We combined all his needs together with our design ideas. The Outcome is a X2 multifunction short he wears during cross fit but also on the water.
As a kitesurfer I like having functional wear in cool prints or feminine colours. That's why I like the new Brunotti collection. Its summerish but also sophisticated.''
When would you wear this item?
''On the water or a day at the beach. Some items even for a night out or a festival.''
Which item would you wear in combination with your favorite item?
''I can wear the Tegula top to a cool destroyed denim but also to an all overprinted board short or a black skinny jeans. That's why I like it.''


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