Living the American dream!

Living the American dream!

Our world champion and teamrider Sanne Meijer went to America to train for the World Games! In this blog she will tell you about her trip and will explain what the world games are.

"Hard work finally pays off! 3 weeks ago my dream came true, I went to America! After being injured for such a long time, I was finally able to scratch America from my bucket list. The main reason I went to America is to train behind the boat with one of the best wakeboard coaches ever, Stew Mackie! My goal was to get comfortable riding with my shoulder again and of course learning new tricks and techniques. Well, I can say I accomplished my goal. I learned 8 new tricks and a lot of skill improving techniques which gives me a lot of confidence in my shoulder. I've been wakeboarding in Winter Haven on the chain of lakes which has ten lakes, connected by a series of canals. During my time on and off the water, I've seen a lot of alligators and water snakes chilling in the water. One of the lakes of the chain had more than 800 gators over 8ft, which is insane!

I've not only been wakeboarding. I went to go surfing close to one of the deadliest shark attack beaches of the world, of course they told me this fun fact at the end of the day! Right now I'm preparing myself for the World Games, which will start on the 20th of July."

durch Anouk Van Haaster

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