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Inflatable sup

Inflatable sup

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Brunotti Adjustable Carbon  Paddle 2pc Uni Paddle. Available in ONE SIZE (100214-085)
Adjustable € 159.99

Inflatable SUP by Brunotti

It's time to grab your Stand Up Paddle board and go on an adventure. Summer is back and that means sun, sea, beach, waves and SUPping. Make sure your surfboards and wetsuits are in good condition and bring all your friends to the water, because SUP season is on!We are making things even easier for you with our awesome collection of SUP boards and surfboards. It has never been simpler to score your own board: just go to Brunotti.

Brunotti SUP boards

The Brunotti surfboards are available in various forms and sizes. The Placebo board, for example, is available in sizes 6'3 and 5'10. The Krypto short board is available in sizes 5'6 and 6'0. Last but not least, we have the Bravo longboard in 9'1. The Brunotti surfboards are available in different colours and prints. Red, green, blue, orange, black and white are colours that come back regularly in our surfboard designs. With our surfboards it is even more fun to surf and ride those waves.RDP Stand Up Paddle boards

RDP stands for Rider's Developed Products, which means that our boards have been developed and designed in cooperation with the Brunotti riders. Brunotti wants to make boardsports more accessible to everyone with this line. Its mission: get on board. The RDP SUP boards are designed for beginners through to advanced SUP athletes and pro Stand Up Paddle boarders, which means Brunotti has a suitable board for every SUP surfer.

SUP wear

Besides surfboards, Brunotti offers an extensive collection of surf wear and water wear for an unforgettable surf holiday. We have a broad range of wetsuits: full suit wetsuits with long sleeves and long legs, hooded wetsuits, shorties with long sleeves, shorties with short sleeves and long wetsuits with short sleeves. You can also choose between a wetsuit with a front zip or a back zip.For all those who fell in love with the surf lifestyle we have an even larger range of bikinis, board shorts, regular shorts, tops & T-shirts, sweaters, vests, sweatpants, pants and jackets. Our matching accessories, such as caps and sunglasses, add the final touch to your surfy beach outfit.For the transportation of your surfboard, we also have cool board bags in various sizes, models, colours, with or without wheels. In your Brunotti clothing you will always feel at home on the beach, at the pool, on holiday and in the water.


Specifically for our female board athletes on the beach and in the water, we have designed the SUP/active collection. This line of clothing and swimwear has been specially designed for our surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, wakeboarders, SUP athletes and other people who like to be active on the beach and in the water. Moreover, this brand-new collection is made of quick-dry material, so you will be dry in no time and won't be bothered by sticky sand on your water wear.The SUP/active collection includes swimsuits (bathing suits), surf leggings and sports leggings, sporty surf bikinis, lycras and caps. This collection allows you to shine on your SUP board with your paddles.

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