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Brunotti Wilems Mens Beanie. Available in ONE SIZE (2021005763-0930)
Wilems Beanie € 24.99
Brunotti Ainsley Mens Beanie. Available in ONE SIZE (2021005757-0930)
Ainsley Beanie € 19.99
Brunotti Ainsley Mens Beanie. Available in ONE SIZE (2021005757-124)
Ainsley Beanie € 19.99
Brunotti Courchevel Unisex Beanie. Available in ONE SIZE (1925005227-0035)
Courchevel Beanie € 19.99

Cool boys hats for during the winter

Our collection features various beanies for boys in different prints and colours. You can go for a single-coloured hat, but we also have beanies with the Brunotti logo on the edge. The hats are tough, trendy and they make your winter look complete. Of course they are also very functional on cold days!

Kids hat

Don't forget to bring a warm hat and scarf when going on a snow vacation. The wind can be freezing cold, which increases the risk of ear infections in children. Regardless of ear infections, the weather can also be very inclement and uncomfortable to your ears. The Brunotti collection includes a variety of hats for boys. Ski goggles can be worn over a beanie while skiing. A solid ski helmet and ski goggles are indispensable while skiing, especially for children. For every winter coat for boys there are matching ski pants and hats. Assemble your entire ski outfit online and order right away!

Buy hat: boy hats & beanie hats

Brunottishop offers a wealth of cool, fun hats for boys. These also include caps, which is a hat with visor. Caps are also popular during the winter time. Winter hats are made of different materials and are adjustable at the back. Some knit hats also have visors at the front, and others are reversible. A lot of hats are designed with nice little details, such as cool badges.

Safety: kids ski wear

Brunotti kids' clothes adheres to international safety regulations for children. For example, twisted pull strings on some hats are quite short, so children can't get stuck on anything, and hats always fit quite loosely so they can easily be removed. These are only a couple of many safety regulations Brunotti observes. All kids' clothes adhere to Hanse Control Safety Regulations for Children's Wear.

Kids clothing online

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can always return the item in its original packaging. You can either exchange the item for another, or receive a refund. Anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDEAL, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment.

Cheap kids clothes

There are always some cheap boys' hats and caps to be found in our outlet store. Here, you will also find things like a boys jacket, ski pants, fleece sweaters and sweatshirts for sale. For a complete overview of all clearance items in the outlet store, visit our sales page.