Brunotti Clo-i / Most breathable ski jacket system in the world ❄

Clo-I Univa

After the successful introduction of Clo®-Insulation last year, Brunotti continues to use the most breathable padding in the world in almost all pants and jackets. Clo ®-Insulation has previously been used in the industrial sector for people who worked in freezing systems. It was praised for its warmth but also its lightweight qualities. Clo®-Insulation fibre improves moisture transport, is water-resistant and in addition, it retains warmth. Because of the special shape of the fibre, we offer an insulation in our ski range that is lighter weight than traditional systems and that allows more freedom of movement and comfort.

Clo-I Vivo

This is the second time that the innovative Clo ®-Insulation is used for winter apparel. This year, we introduce the award winning Clo ® VIVO fibre in our RDP range. This insulation is the ultimate insulation in performance. It is penetrated by a series of small apertures that enhance breathability without decreasing the thermal insulating performance of the material. These holes trap air to create a fantastic warmth consistency when in low activity, but also allows for the air and water vapour to flow through very quickly when the body temperature increases through high activity making this the most breathable insulation on the market today.

light weight

& warm

freedom of movement

& comfort

most breathable


Brunotti Clo-i / Most breathable ski jacket system in the world ❄