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Innovative insulation

Brunotti is the first sports brand to use the innovative Clo-I insulation in its winter sports apparel. Clo-i stands out in the world of insulations as the new standard for the perfect balance of breathability & warmth. Clo-I insulation ensures better transport of moisture; the special lightweight Clo-i fibre is waterproof and retains heat. Until now, Clo-I was only used in the industrial sector for people that are working in freezing systems. Allowing moisture to escape freely and quickly is the key to your comfort. The unique Clo-i insulation allows you to stay comfortable, whatever your activity.

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Brunotti introduces

Innovative Insulation: clo-i

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Taylor € 269.99
Galatea € 199.99
Lawn € 129.99
better transport of moisture
great breathability
Light weight
water resistant
More comfort and
freedom of movement