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Gravity Hooded Fullsuit 6/4 mmGravity Hooded Fullsuit 6/4 mm
Gravity Hooded Fullsuit 6/4 mm Sale price€399,99
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Gravity Fullsuit 5/3 mm Heren Wetsuit | Grijs + Groen
Gravity Fullsuit 5/3 mm Wetsuit | GreenGravity Fullsuit 5/3 mm Wetsuit | Green
Gravity Fullsuit 3/2 mm wetsuit | GreenGravity Fullsuit 3/2 mm wetsuit | Green
Gravity Fullsuit 4/3 mm Wetsuit | BlueGravity Fullsuit 4/3 mm Wetsuit | Blue
Gravity Fullsuit 4/3 mm Wetsuit | Grey
Sold out
Gravity Fullsuit 3/2 mm | Red
Gravity Fullsuit 3/2 mm | Red Sale price€279,99
Radiance Fullsuit 4/3mm Wetsuit | Black
Radiance Fullsuit 4/3mm Wetsuit | GreenRadiance Fullsuit 4/3mm Wetsuit | Green
Radiance Fullsuit 3/2mm Wetsuit | GreyRadiance Fullsuit 3/2mm Wetsuit | Grey
Radiance Fullsuit 3/2 mm Wetsuit | Black
Radiance Shorty 2/2mm Wetsuit | GreyRadiance Shorty 2/2mm Wetsuit | Grey
Long John 2 mm Wetsuit | BlueLong John 2 mm Wetsuit | Blue
Long John 2 mm Wetsuit | Blue Sale price€129,99
Defence Shorty 3/2mm Wetsuit | RedDefence Shorty 3/2mm Wetsuit | Red
Defence-Shorty-3/2mm Wetsuit | BlueDefence-Shorty-3/2mm Wetsuit | Blue
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Gravity Fullsuit 5/3mm Heren Wetsuit | Zwart + GrijsGravity Fullsuit 5/3mm Heren Wetsuit | Zwart + Grijs
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Gravity-Fullsuit-4/3mm Heren Wetsuit | Blauw + GrijsGravity-Fullsuit-4/3mm Heren Wetsuit | Blauw + Grijs
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Radiance Fullsuit 3/2mm Heren Wetsuit | Blauw + GrijsRadiance Fullsuit 3/2mm Heren Wetsuit | Blauw + Grijs



Hexagon Quick dry lining insulates
heat and dries fast. Is it our latest
and most advanced inner lining. It
Is ideal for multiple surf sessions
throughout the day.


A flexible and soft-touch neoprene
for the highest levels of comfort
and movability. This is our midrange
quality neoprene.


The lightest and warmest neoprene
on the market; lightweight, stretchy
and softer than most other suits,
resulting In an easy to wear wetsuit.


The 3D Flex pattern in designed to
maximize your freedom of movement.
This is to ensure you will be
comfortable while moving.


Carbon fibre, simply the best material available for lightweight construction at the highest strength. 


The laminate is a biaxial lightweight carbon panel we chose for it’s strength and flex control. This way you still have a comfy but powerful board which in combination with the Paulownia core provides a powerful load and pop.