Ten tips to #getonboard

10 Tips to #getonboard

Ten tips that will make you to #getonboard easier!

1. Put your bike in the barn and buy a longboard. Longboarding is not affected by the weather conditions, this makes the sport always accesible!

2. Every day could be a surfday! Check MSW every day to make sure the forecasts for the weather and swell are surf proof near you.

3. Check out MSW before you hit the water. This website shows through various webcams how the conditions are at famous surfspots. They also advice which surf material you can use/wear best during different weather conditions!

4. Choose the right material. Besides the fact that practicing boardsports are really reliant on weather conditions, it's very important to use the right board/suit. Check your local surfshop and ask for advice to make sure you hit the water safely or check our latest blog about how to choose the right surfboard.

5. Buy a suit that suits the circumstances. For example, 5'3mm is more suitable for cold conditions but you can better use a shorty or 3'2mm in warmer conditions.

6. If you want to know where you can go best for a safe practice, inquire the same local surfshop. Each surfspot is different and knows it's do's and don'ts, locals can advise you in this!

7. Safety first. Always wear a life jacket and a helmet while wakeboarding.

8. Check out Youtube. Here you can find a lot of good 'how to' videos that will show you the first steps of different board sports.

9. Take good care of your material. Dry your sails, roll up your kite safely and wax your own boards.

10. Know the rules! Within most boardsports is a so-called ''surfer's code''. For example, dropping in whilst surfing is not allowed and priority rules apply with kiting and windsurfing.

 Bonus tip: ENJOY the ride :) 

by Anouk Van Haaster