Brunotti (go) outside

Brunotti (go) outside

Are you also dreading Fall and do you refuse to get your winter coat from your closet? Would you rather walk around in your Brunotti bikini or board shorts to hold on to that summer feeling for just a moment longer? We feel you, but there is no need to be sad, because Fall has so much to offer. Brunotti has selected the 10 best outside activities to help you get over your after-summer dip. Bring on Fall!

1. Look for that autumn swell. The large difference between the sea water temperature and the air temperature can cause low pressure areas in the Atlantic Ocean, which then produce amazing waves in autumn as well.

2. Go away for the weekend and camp in your own car with roof tent. Camping in a pop-up tent is sooo last year.

3. Go SUPping! There is nothing nicer than standing on water in the fresh Fall air. You should of course wear one of our thicker wetsuits, so you will stay warm on the water in Fall and Winter as well.

4. Organise an outdoor barbecue, including campfire, ''catch of the day'' and marshmallows.

5. Micro adventures are totally cool. Micro adventure is actually just a hip term for all the free activities you can do close to home. For example, sleeping in open air, swimming in a river or a cool mountain bike trip.

6. Fall is wellknown for her good wind and crazy storms. So chase the wind and go kite- or windsurfing.

7. Go trail running, the newest form of running on unpaved roads, right in nature, on small trails and with natural obstacles, such as hills, mountains, rocks and creeks. What a joy to be active in nature and get some fresh air!

8. Head to the beach to get some fresh air or maka a brutal hike. Treat yourself a hot and lovely tea afterwards.

9. If you want to stay home for a day: Dreary Fall days are made for Netflix, hot chocolate and your comfy Brunotti sweats and sweatpants to snuggle up in.

10. Bring your winter sports holiday a little closer and practice your snowboardskills for a day in SnowWorld

Extra tip: Go outside wherever and whenever you can. Being outside gives you a great fresh-faced feeling, so don't wait around and go outside!

by Anouk Van Haaster