Brunotti @ WKL Texel

Brunotti @ WKL Texel

Only a few more days and then it's time! The WKL World Cup will take place on Texel from 21 to 24 September and Brunotti is the official sponsor of this awesome event. For four days, the crème de la crème of kitesurfscene will gather on the Dutch island of Texel to fight for the much desired World Title Freestyle.

We asked our teamrider Youri Zoon all about the upcoming event and how hard the competition against his Brunotti team mate Liam Whaley will be.  
A WKL stop with Brunotti as main sponsor, in your home country. How does that feel? ''It feels awesome. Finally we have a World Cup in the Netherlands again. To have Brunotti as main sponsor is just perfect, especially because Brunotti has strong roots in surfing, kiting and windsurfing.''
What are your expectations of this WKL Stop? ''Well, difficult to say. Hopefully to win! There's a strong field of young riders and we're all aiming for that 1st place.''
Are you gonna try hard to kick Liam off his first place or will you stay loyal to your Brunotti teammate? :) ''No way! Haha, of course I'm in it to win it! On the beach it's all fun and games between riders, but once we're on the water its all or nothing.''
How hard will the competition be? ''I try to approach it like any other competition, but of course I want to give it my 200% since it's a competition at home.''

Texel has one of the best wind conditions in Europa with a 75% chance of 15-19 knots in September. Add its beautiful surroundings and it's clear to see that it's a fantastic setting for the WKL. The whole world top, including the Brunotti team, will be present and try to take home that World Cup. Our own Liam Whaley will pull out all the stops to keep his advantage and Youri Zoon, Rita Arnaus and Annelous Lammerts will do all they can to win a medal.

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Where to watch? There will be a livestream of this event at


by Anouk Van Haaster