How2choose a wakeboard

How2choose a wakeboard

Our World Champion wakeboarding cable and boat and Brunotti teamrider Sanne Meijer started wakeboarding when she was 10 years old. She already had 25 wakeboards, so this all-round wakeboard chick definitely knows the pro's and con's when choosing the right wakeboard. Go check it out :)  

When did you buy your first board?
''Around 9 years ago when I was only wakeboarding for one month, my mom bought me my first wakeboard. Thinking back it was not only the ugliest wakeboard ever but it was also way too big! Besides the fact it was ugly and big, it teached me the basics of wakeboarding. Thank you mom!''
What types of wakeboards are there and which one do you prefer?
''There are many types of wakeboards, below you will find an explanation of the main components of a wakeboard.

The rocker line, also known as the shape of the wakeboard, determines the main characteristics of the wakeboard. There are different types of rockers. The main categories are the continuous and the 3-stage rocker. A continuous rocker for example has a smooth fluid, curved shape and ensures a predictable ride and smooth landings. A 3-stage rocker has a more aggressive style of riding and a more up going pop!

When choosing a wakeboard, the size is very important. A small board makes the characteristics of a board very hectic, and a too big board is not really agile and very slow. Besides the size and the shape there are also different bases. There are boards with and without slider bases. A ''traditional'' board base is made for boat wakeboarding and has a fiberglass base. Cable boards have slider bases nowadays, which will protect your board when hitting features. The bases also have different kind of channels which ensures stability on the water.

I've always been riding an continues rocker, with a fiberglass base behind the boat and a slider base behind the cable. If you want to buy a wakeboard, I'd advise you to go to a test event and find out what kind of board suits your style of riding!''

Do you use different types of wakeboards for cable or boat?
''Yes, I do! The shape of the board is exactly the same, but my boat board is super stiff and my cable board is really flex. I also have different bases, like I said in the previous question I use a slider base behind the cable and a fiberglass base behind the boat. Last but not least, I wear fins underneath my boat board for a more progressive edge.''
What do you keep in mind when you buy a wakeboard?
''The most important thing I have in mind is that it has to fit my style of riding and that I feel happy when I ride the board.''
Which Brunotti wakeboard would you recommend when an advanced wakeboarder wants to buy a more challenging wakeboard?
''All of them really, it just depends on what kind of wakeboarding you're into. If you're really into rail riding I would recommend the Rise or the Boostr. If you're doing a combination of rail riding and inverts, you should definitely go for the Rebbelution or the Propulsion!''
Do you have a wakeboard with a special memory?
''Yes, all of them have great memories! Of course there is this one particular board which is very special. I won my World Championships on this board, so this moment I will cherish my entire life. When I look back at the competition I get goose bumps all over my skin, because it's still super weird and unbelievable I took home GOLD! Fun fact, I accidently broke the board straight after the competition, OOPS! Perfect timing tho!''
Why should everyone #getonboard?
''That's not a difficult question. Not only wakeboarding, but all boardsports are freaking awesome! I love the lifestyle and the extreme part of it. You're never done learning new tricks, you can always add an extra 180 or a grab, that's what makes the sport so awesome! Wakeboarding took over my life and the wakeboard community really became my family, which I'm really grateful for!''

by Anouk Van Haaster