It's all about SUP

It's all about SUP

SUPping is booming! SUPping (Stand Up Paddle boarding) is one of the most rapidly growing boardsports right now. This is not so strange, because you can basically practice SUPping always and everywhere. Is there some wind? In that case you can easily put a sail on your SUP. Is there a great swell? Then it is time to catch some waves. Are there no extreme conditions? Flat water is excellent for touring. Yoga, racing, wave supping, touring: The SUPping possibilities are endless. So, it is time for a handy list about this upcoming boardsport.

The most important thing is that you know what you want to do with your SUP before you buy one. Are you going to use your SUP on the sea and in the waves, in the pond in your backyard or do you want to paddle long distances? Keep your own ''SUP goal'' in mind when choosing your SUP.

All-round As the name indicates, an all-round SUP can be used for various disciplines. Our Big Bastard , for example, is suitable for touring and catching small waves as well. This SUP is multi-usable, because when the wind is right, you can also use this board for windsurfing. The Fat Ferry is comparable, but with this board you will have even more fun.
Touring Are you looking for an inflatable SUP with which you can go longer distances or paddle on inland waters? Go for the Rocket Race: a somewhat narrower SUP that glides swiftly through the water. The Bootstrap Bill , Rocket Race's smaller brother, is also ideal for touring. Both boards have an elastic rope on the nose, so you can take your dry bag with you and really gon ''on board'' for the day.
Wave  Would you love to catch some waves with a SUP and a paddle? The inflatable Sumo Wave is a fantastic alternative if you don't have a lot of space but still want to catch some nice waves. This SUP board is somewhat shorter and has a narrower tail, which makes you more agile on the waves and in the sea.
Fun Are you looking for a SUP to have a whole lot of FUN with? Our Boombastic guarantees happy faces and great joy. Up to a dazzling 15 people can paddle on this mega SUP at the same time, catching small waves as well. Ideal for school trips, mega SUP races and other group activities.
Rescue Rescue SUPs are ideal for surf schools and rescue teams and they are used to assist board athletes in the water. The Resque is a real paddle board with many handles, which makes it easy to climb on the board. The Jetski is super easy to attach behind a jet ski and this board has the same safety colours as the Resque.

All Brunotti SUPs are inflatable, so ideal for transport and storing. Nice fact: all Brunotti SUPs have a Reinforced Stringer that ensures the stiffness and response of the SUPs and makes them nice and flat in the water.

What 2 wear //SUP Active
Every chick will be an eye catcher on the waves, while doing yoga or running with the products from the Brunotti SUP active collection. The collection consists of tops, leggings, shorts, surf suits, caps and bikinis. The quick-drying fabric is ideal for SUPping or other boardsports. The clothing from the collection is also perfect for yoga, beach workouts, boot camps and running.

by Anouk Van Haaster