North Atlantic

North Atlantic

For our last shoot we travelled to the North Atlantics and followed 4 Australian surfers and our own teamrider Brett Burcher in their search for the world's highest waves and best breaks. We left for Mullaghmore, a big wave spot where the waves rise to a staggering 20 ft and we captured Brett in the most extreme conditions. The rough Cliffs of Moher in combination with the smashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean were the impressive décor of this raw autumn shoot.

The cool thing about the North-Atlantic coast is that there are many relatively unknown spots. As an outsider, it is difficult to reach all these places. They are hard to find and the spots are usually pretty rough. Around 90% of the spots have a reef break, which is absolutely not suitable for beginners. Moreover, the spots are not mentioned by name. Sometimes you have to ask a farmer for permission to cross his land to get to the next spot for a surf session. Ice cold water, rough backdrops, everything the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer, we were fortunate enough to see and experience.

We met around 8:30 at our house every morning and went over the day ahead. We let everything depend on the surfing conditions: we wanted to be in the water at the right moment. The rough, untouched landscapes of the Irish coast are places that optimally reflect the autumn and winter feeling and they were the perfect location for this autumn shoot. We would often go into the mountains in the morning to get some great shots of the clothing and we would go surfing in the afternoon.

We captured every moment: from checking the conditions to the friendliness among the surfers in the characteristic Irish pubs afterwards. With this shoot we wanted to show that Brunotti is all about adventure and that boardsports, such as surfing, can be practised all year round. If you have the right gear that is suitable in all conditions of course. We went hunting for the best autumn swell and came back with these raw, real images. Enjoy
Brunotti rider:     Brett Burcher
Surfers:     Russel Bierke, Sean Mawson, Louie Hynd
Photo:         Vincent Schaap
Video:         Darcy Ward

by Anouk Van Haaster