Ricardo is Rockin' in Pozo

Ricardo is Rockin' in Pozo

We asked Ricardo some questions about his challenge at the PWA in Gran Canaria. Today is the day he will compete for the ultimate title: King of Pozo!

We see that you switch between your 74ltr to your 83ltr (red and green) Can you tell us why? ''They are pretty similar boards but the size makes a difference, sometimes it was quite gusty and I wanted to float a little more to be safe so I use the 83ltr for more surface area! They actually felt really good, fast, stable and turn really well!''

Peter Thommen, the legendary board shaper, created these boards together with you. You asked for fast boards which can also turn well and we saw that your speed was incredibly fast. Did they measure your speed? ''Yes I actually have a watch with GPS and so far my top speed on a straight line was 56 Km/h''. 

Now you made your way up in the Double, what do you need to do to become the King of Pozo? ''Well I just need to beat a few beasts, Victor Fernandez, Marcilio Browne and the King of Pozo Philip Koster, Twice! It's a hard mission but I will do my best!''

What has been your biggest challenge that you have had to cope with in the past days? ''Trying to be consistent and landing all my High Score moves!'' 

How do you prepare yourself for the upcoming heats and the final? ''Just try to relax and focus and do my best on the water!''

We wish Ricardo the best during the PWA Tour in Pozo. Stay tuned and follow our stories on Instagram.

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by Anouk Van Haaster