Only one day left until the Europe and Africa Cable Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships start. Our own World champion & Brunotti teamrider Sanne Meijer will participate and we talked with Sanne about her preparations, expectations and how important these championships are for her.

You have been recovering from an injury for more than a year. Are you totally painfree and, more importantly, completely fit now?
''Fortunately, my year and a half of rehabilitation is over. The process was tough and I'm actually still in it. Unfortunately, I am not totally painfree yet, my shoulder still needs some more time to recover. But hey; no pain, no gain, haha! The positive thing I'm taking away from my injury is that I've completely turned my lifestyle around. I feel really fit now and I have lots of energy. So, I'm on the right track for sure!''

How important are these championships for you?
''The EA Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships are always important of course, especially when you've been out of the running for a while. It has been two years now since I last participated in a tournament, but still my expectations are high. A medal is definitely possible''

You came in second in the last World Cup. What can we expect from you at the European and African Championships?
''I haven't had much time to prepare because I've split my season into Boat and Cable wakeboarding this year. Besides, my performance depends on so many factors: it might not be my day, I might be too nervous or have really bad weather conditions. I have been active on the cable for two months now, so I have made a lot of progress. But we'll have to see if it's enough for a gold medal!''

What do your preparations look like?
''I won the Nationals in mid-September and started my preparations then as well. From mid-September until now I have been training for 2-3 hours every day. I'm not training in the last 1.5 week before the EA Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships so I can be well-rested at the start of the EA Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships. I hope this approach will make me peak at the right moment. I will leave for Egypt on Saturday 18 November, so I'll be able to explore the cable one week before the qualifications.''

Sanne, we wish you all the best with your final preparations and good luck next week!

If you want to stay up to date with Sanne's performance in the EA Cable Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships, check out the Brunotti Insta Stories 

by Anouk Van Haaster