Sarah-Quita PWA

Sarah-Quita PWA

Our team rider Sarah-Quita is preparing for another season in the PWA World Tour. We asked her all about her preparations, how she gets in such good shape every year and how she is going to conquer the Wave discipline.

You are already ten times World Champion Freestyle and four times World Champion Slalom. How do you get in such good shape every year?
''First of all, I think I just started windsurfing, especially freestyling, at a very young age. I grew up in Aruba. The water over there is flat, shallow and there is wind almost all the time. These conditions have allowed me to spend a lot of hours on the water from when I was very young.
When I started, the best freestyle windsurfers came from the Caribbean: Bonaire and Venezuela. They were my great examples and I wanted to be just as good as them. Also, I just really love to windsurf. After seventeen years on my board, I can still say that the fun in windsurfing is endless. There are still so many new things to learn.''

How have you prepared for the coming season?
''I have already spent three weeks in Kaapstad this year, to practice in the waves. Also, one week I spent in Bonaire for the Brunotti shoot coincided with amazing wind, so I was able to practice a lot of freestyle over there. And I have also been spending some more time in Aruba. Unexpectedly, I was able to have a couple of really nice wave days with my brother. And finally, I think I will leave early for the Canary Islands to prepare for the competitions in July.''

After winning the last Freestyle World Title in Fuerteventura, you indicated that you felt more relieved than happy about your victory. How high is the pressure this year?
  ''Yes, last year was intense! A lot of people assume that I will win freestyle competitions, while I still have to work really hard to do that. At the same time, my opponents have only gotten better and I really wanted to get that tenth title myself as well. That created immense pressure, and I probably blew up the whole thing in my head as well.
In the end I won my title and reached my goal, but I wasn't able to enjoy the game. I ate very little and was unable to sleep. I rode a very safe race, while I actually really wanted to put down great heats and show off my newest moves. I think that is taking it too seriously, right?! This year, I will just have to remind myself to enjoy myself as well :-)''

You already have World Titles in Freestyle and Slalom: the only one missing is a Wave Title and that's the one you are giving your all for this season. What do you need to make it in the Wave discipline?
''I think I will need more time on my wave kit. Thanks to the freestyling, I have a good feeling for my gear. Jumping is going pretty well, I know where I am when I'm in the air. Sometimes, when I go too high, I'm still shocked though haha! There aren't a lot of waves in Aruba, so I haven't had much practise in wave surfing. So, I'm mainly missing timing and knowledge of wave riding. But I'm working on it!''

Sarah-Quita's first PWA World Cup starts on Wednesday 4 April this year Follow this competition and Sarah-Quita on the Brunotti Instagram!

by Anouk Van Haaster