Spring Summer 2017 preview

Spring Summer 2017 preview

Relaxed road trips, touring with your buddies until you find the perfect surf spot. Searching for the unknown; turquoise beach breaks, breath-taking views, wild rock cliffs, fresh fruit and new cultures. Dream away... it's time for some adventure!! But hey, make sure you make it a real story this Summer.

What happens when you combine clean, graphic origami shapes and lines with retro Californian influences? You get enlarged palm leaves prints, graphic retro prints, colour blocking and more...

Next to this tropical Californian origami theme, a tougher-looking theme was invented through exploration of the contrast between boho and punk. These Eclectic Rebel items have, for instance, ink patterns, darker colours and lace details...
Lycra surf suits made in quick dry materials with UV protection, technical board shorts, sexy maxi dresses and comfy hoodies. With the high quality technical gear and water wear for all board sports, you are definitely ready for crazy road trip moments and endless sessions on board.

Take a look at the Brunotti Spring 2017 preview video, go with us on a road trip and get inspired!

by Anouk Van Haaster