Take care of your wetsuit

Take care of your wetsuit

Wetsuits are a must-have for every boardsport athlete and they are the reason why you can practice your boardsports comfortably. Because wetsuits require some investment and you would like to use your wetsuit for multiple seasons, it is important to take good care of it. We have made a list of the 8 do's and don'ts of wetsuit maintenance.

1. Put on and take off your wetsuit with care
Putting on a wetsuit seems easier than it is. Make sure you work from the bottom up and that you create enough space to pull up your wetsuit gradually. Be careful with long nails or accessories such as watches or bracelets. These can easily damage the smooth or delicate neoprene.

2. Roll up your wetsuit
By rolling up your wetsuit you avoid the deep creases that form when you fold up your wetsuit instead. They are almost impossible to get out. Rolling up your wetsuit is the perfect solution to this problem. If you want to store your wetsuit for a longer period of time, please put it in a dark and not too warm space, otherwise the neoprene can dry out.

3. Rinse your wetsuit
This is the golden wetsuit rule that you should never forget. Rinse your wetsuit with neutral, preferably cold, water after your surf session. Using neutral, cold water prevents the wetsuit from drying out and avoids nasty smells as well.

4. Dry and hang your wetsuit
Use a wide coat hanger, without any sharp edges or tips, to hang your wetsuit. Make sure you double your wetsuit when you hang it, to make sure the neoprene around the shoulders is not stretched out. If you want to do it perfectly, hang up your wetsuit inside out with open zippers, so all the water can trickle out of it.

5. Never leave your wetsuit in the sun
Never hang your wetsuit in the sun to dry: this makes the colour fade and it dries out the neoprene. The latter will slowly cause small tears in your wetsuit and the neoprene will wear sooner.

6. Never pee in your wetsuit!
To prevent bad smells, we recommend you never to pee in your wetsuit! Furthermore, urine has a high acidity that can harm the seams and the neoprene of your wetsuit.

7. Watch out with Velcro
Try to prevent the Velcro from coming into contact with the inside of your wetsuit. It will cause the neoprene to pill and the fastening to function less optimally.

8. Use wetsuit shampoo
If you want to freshen up your wetsuit after a surf season, use a special wetsuit shampoo to wash your neoprene.

by Anouk Van Haaster