Brunotti womenswear collection

Womenswear collection

Amanda Spence (26) - Designer Womenswear Collection
After the blog about Amanda's favorites, we spoke to our talented Brunotti designer again. This time it was all about the SS17 women collection, the importance of using good fabrics, inspiration and the Brunotti all- boardsports lifestyle. Check it out :)

Why does this collection perfectly suits the Brunotti lifestyle?
The collection was built to #getonboard. The combination of silhouettes, prints and fabrics were carefully designed and chosen to create a good balance of function and fashion throughout the collection. Offering key pieces for waterwear which are easily combined with other items from the collection make sure all aspects of the Brunotti all board sports lifestyle are covered. ''
What are the characteristics of the SS17 collection?
''There is quite a diverse range of products like functional active waterwear with strong feminine prints, sporty signatures, floaty bohemian silhouettes with crochet and lace and tribal, animal influences. The Spring Summer 17 is a good mix of functional and attractive items'' 
Where did you get your inspiration from?
''Our inspiration stemmed from a blank sheet of paper and exploring different techniques to manipulate the blank sheet such as tearing, folding, cutting and inking. Eventually our research branched into two contrasting themes: Californian Origami and Eclectic Rebels. California Origami has taking inspiration from a minimal tropical aesthetic and the art of origami combining it with a retro and beachy Californian feeling. Eclectic rebels came out of a more rough and raw beginning. The tearing and ripping of paper combined with inky paisleys and an energetic bohemian spirit creates the more rebellious vibe in this theme.''
Which trends can we expect this summer? 
''You can expect some bright sporty colourblocks, with florigami inspired prints, some more fluid shapes with inky ethnic and animalistic prints.''
Which fabrics did you use? 
''A lot of swim materials range from; neoprenes, heavy SUP lycras, jacquard textured lycras, lightweight to your regular swim lycra. On top of that we've used scuba style sweat, lightweight summer sweats, floaty lightweight voiles, viscose and rayons combining with cotton laces and crochets, as well as yarn dyed, slub and burnout jerseys.''
Which materials are important when you practice boardsports relating to the fabrics of the SS17 collection? 
''In the SUP/Active Line we used a combination of a neoprene and heavyweight compact lycra which keeps heat locked in whilst in the water as well as giving more support during wear. For clothing we have a scuba style sweat and a lighter weight summer sweat ideal for keeping warm on a windy beach or for wrapping up after surf.''


by Anouk Van Haaster