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Get on board and longboard away! The awesome longboards made by all-boardsports brand Brunotti are great for an afternoon of cruising and relatively short distances. Roll in the dunes, the park or to school or work: our boards are super relaxed and give you that ultimate summer feeling, freedom and fresh air. There is a reason surfers, kiters, windsurfers and wakeboarders probably use their longboard more often than their bike.

Longboarding with Brunotti

A longboard looks like a skateboard, but whereas a skateboard is often used to do tricks, a longboard is used to cruise longer distances. Because a longboard is longer and often wider than a regular skateboard, it is also a quicker way of transportation.A longboard consists of a deck, trucks, bearings and wheels.

Brunotti longboards

There are different longboard styles, such as longboard cruising, downhill longboarding, carving, dancing, sliding, slalom and long-distance pumping. That is why Brunotti offers a large range of models for different riders and levels: both beginners and advanced longboarders are welcome at Brunotti.When you are just starting out with longboarding, the Bobby is the best choice for you: it offers much stability and it is a real cruise board for long distances. If you want to start doing tricks, we recommend the Benno Pintail longboard. Bob is a multifaceted board with a kick-tail and nose, suitable for freestyling, going downhill and cruising. The Banaba is the perfect city board and the Brunotti Boxer is great for freestyle tricks, but also as a dancer thanks to the extra wide deck.

Ordering your longboard safely online

The best thing about online shopping is of course that you can shop in your own time, from your own comfortable couch. You can find the largest online Brunotti longboard collection on Here you can check out our entire collection and take all the time you need. If you're not satisfied with an item upon receipt, you can return it and of course get your money back. All items that you see online are actually in stock, so if your size is available, it means the item is really deliverable. If an item is sold out, you can subscribe to a service that automatically sends an e-mail when the item comes back in stock within two months. There are several safe payment options you can use: iDEAL, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, money transfer, authorisation or payment order form.

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