Splitter 2 Twintip Fins Black – Brunotti
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Splitter 2 Twintip Fins

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  • What about it

    These simple kiteboard fins are a good option if you want to provide your board with a new set of kiteboard fins. The Brunotti fins are made of a plastic composite, which is less strong than, for example, a G10 fin. The fins are 40 mm high and become per set of 4 kiteboard fins. The center-to-center distance of the screws is 3.7 centimeters and 13.5 cm long.

    This product cannot be purchased online, ask for Brunotti at your local watersports retailer!

  • Key features

    / 50% Lighter Than G10 Fins

    / 10% More Upwind Performance

    / 15% Less Drag


  • Materials

    / Nylon

    / Stainless Steel M6 Bolts