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Meet Brett Burcher

Meet Brett Burcher

Brett Burcher

Brett Burcher

Brett Burcher

Discipline Big wave surfing

Country Australia

"I love surfing in all conditions, espacially barrels and big waves"

Brett BurcherBrett BurcherBrett Burcher
Brett Burcher
Big wave surfing

I really enjoy keeping fit, healthy, hanging out with friends and family, playing golf, anything to stay active. Travelling on the hunt for waves is my favorite thing to do. I love surfing new destinations, experiencing new places and meeting new faces.

Spent 2013 traveling and focusing all my energy towards 'Carpark Stories', a surf movie Toby Cregan and myself are releasing with Waves Magazine early 2014. Its a mixture of trips from throughout the year, including Shippies, Southern states of Aus and Indo. Although edited by Toby, Darcy filmed the majority of trips, which is where we struck up a relationship and the idea for ITBOAE was founded. 2012- I was lucky enough to be picked as a finalist in Innersection which landed me in the movie that was released early this year. Was also nominated for Billabong XXL wipeout of the year which I was lucky not to win.

Growing up in a small town has shaped my personality and influenced the way I behave in and out of the water. It has molded the way I approach surfing. I thrive on pushing myself in big waves while attempting to keep up in high performance waves. I appreciate all that I have and happy with where my life is at.

I want to work hard on progressing my surfing and myself as a person. I like the challenge of working on a project or towards a goal. The sense of achievement makes it all worthwhile. In 2013, I was lucky enough to be chosen to partake in an online surfing voting competition. Surfing Australia and Original Source combined to hold the Intense Challenge competition, where 15 big wave surfers showcase monthly clips to be voted on by the public. The level of surfing was outstanding and I was honored to be involved.

Shipsterns Bluff - Tasmania
My home town Mollymook - Secret
South Australia- near ceduna - Secret
Indonesia - Lakey Peak
Ireland - Lahinch
I love surfing in all conditions, espacially barrels and big waves

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