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Meet Sanne Meijer

Meet Sanne Meijer

Sanne Meijer

Sanne Meijer

Sanne Meijer

Discipline Wakeboarding

Country Netherlands

"From the very first moment when I was in touch with the sport I knew I was addicted"

Sanne MeijerSanne MeijerSanne Meijer
Sanne Meijer

Just an 20 year old girl from Holland who grew up in the South of Holland, travels the world and does what she loves the most; wakeboarding!

I started wakeboarding when I was 10 years of age and from the very first moment when I was in touch with the sport I knew I was addicted. It?s really crazy how much my life has changed the past few years. I went from a horse-riding girl to a pro-wakeboarder.

I won my very first European title in 2011 in the Girls division. One year later in 2012 I won my first World title! In 2014 at an age of 17 and as the youngest rider in the Pro-women category I took home gold at the World Championships in Norway, my biggest dream became reality!

Because I couldn't get enough of the sport I also began riding behind the boat. The sound of the motor, that feeling when you hit the wake and the people cheering in the boat when you stick a new trick, these things are indescribable! In my second year of riding boat I became the first wakeboarder in the world who got first in both cable and boat divisions at the world championships!

During this world championship back in 2015, I have suffered a major shoulder injury. At this moment I'm still recovering and getting ready for 2017's World Games in Poland!

From the very first moment when I was in touch with the sport I knew I was addicted

Trophy room

2015 World Champion wakeboarding Boat
2014 World Champion wakeboarding Cable
2012 World Champion wakeboarding Cable
2016 European Pro Tour winner Boat
2014 European Champion Boat

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