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Meet Youri Zoon

Youri Zoon

Youri Zoon
Youri Zoon

Youri Zoon

Discipline Kite

Country Netherlands

"Right from the start it felt like everything I was looking for. Speed, tricks, airtime! "

Youri ZoonYouri ZoonYouri Zoon
Youri Zoon

I'm Youri Zoon and living in a beach town called Ouddorp in the south west of Holland. Ever since a young age I was always super active, whether it was playing outside, climbing trees, jumping bikes or building trees houses. I was always busy. On the age of 10 I started riding my BMX and learned skateboarding. In these sports I was already pushing myself to be the best.

When I was 12 I started windsurfing and sailing. I found that the extra dimension of wind and propulsion was something I always missed in skateboarding. When I was 13 I saw the first kiters on the beach, it looked like the perfect combination of all the other sports I was doing. And on my 13th I started kiteboarding myself. Right from the start it felt like everything I was looking for. Speed, tricks, airtime.

Since that moment I have been pushing myself to become the best I can be, rewarding myself with 2 World titles, a European title and a Dutch title. My job or better called my passion is bringing me all over the world, having the opportunity to see new places and meet new people is an amazing thing. Apart from all these travels I get to work on the best products with the amazing RDP team. Working on new innovations keeps me fresh, and helps me to think outside the box and help the sport and myself to progress even further.

Right from the start it felt like everything I was looking for. Speed, tricks, airtime!

Trophy room

Trophy room:
2011: PKRA World Champion
2012: PKRA World Champion
2016: Vice world champion WKL
2015: Vice World Champion VKWC Venezuela Freestyle

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Tuesday 9 January 2018

How to choose the right helmet?

When choosing your helmet, it is important that you pick one that matches your ski & snowboard skills.

Wednesday 29 November 2017


Our own world champion Sanne Meijer will participate at the EA Cable Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships.

Monday 16 October 2017

We had a blast @ DAM-X

The entire European freestyle windsurfing scene was there to compete and our own Brunotti riders took a gold and bronze medal home.

Torque Equalizer

Torque Equalizer

Youri Pro

Our torque equalizer creates a unmatched torsion stifness in our boards, creating boards that are easy to control and have massive performance.
Active Backbone

Active Backbone

Youri Pro

To add even more performance to our boards we created the Active Backbone. This backbone runs through the complete length of the board and adds both stiffness and strength where needed. It spreads all the forces on the inserts evenly trough the board, increasing control and comfort.