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Brunotti Tide Men Slipper. Available in 40,42,43 (1711051010-0813)
€ 39.99€ 27.99
Brunotti Tide Men Slipper. Available in 40,41 (1711051010-088)
€ 39.99€ 27.99
Brunotti Saltwater Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42 (1711051009-0450)
€ 34.99€ 24.49
Brunotti Saltwater Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42,43 (1711051009-0923)
€ 34.99€ 24.49
Brunotti Isle Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42,44,45,46 (1711051005-0457)
€ 19.99€ 13.99
Brunotti Isle Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42,44,45,46 (1711051005-0526)
€ 19.99€ 13.99
Brunotti Isle Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42,44,45,46 (1711051005-0923)
€ 19.99€ 13.99
Brunotti Hightide Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42 (1711051004-0450)
€ 29.99€ 20.99
Brunotti Hightide Men Slipper. Available in 42,46 (1711051004-0923)
€ 29.99€ 20.99
Brunotti Currents Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42,43,44,46 (1711051003-0450)
€ 39.99€ 27.99
Brunotti Currents Men Slipper. Available in 40,41,42,43,46 (1711051003-088)
€ 39.99€ 27.99

Brunotti slippers for men

A summer outfit is made complete with Brunotti sandals for men. Our summer collection features different kinds of slippers. We have nice sandals with soft straps, but also sandals with straps that have a Brunotti logo on them.

Sandals for men summer collection

Brunotti sandals for men are available in the official Brunotti webshop. Our sandals have flexible soles and insoles. We have plain sandals in one colour, but also colourful sandals with print on the insole. Bring that sun, because with Brunotti sandals, you are ready.

Slippers are to wear in summer with shorts or on the beach. This summer there are leather slippers or PU slippers. The latter match the colours of the summer collection. In recent years, slippers have become popular summer footwear for men. At we offer a great selection of slippers in different styles and colors, and made of different materials.

Slippers for men

Slippers are the ultimate summer footwear. Slippers for men are easy to put on and slip off because they merely consist of a sole and a Y-shaped strap. In some cases, the strap goes between the toes. Slippers are extremely popular during the summer because they go with everything. They look great with walk shorts or swim shorts, for example. In the Brunottishop you find a large collection of slippers in several colors and styles.

Men footwear: slippers

Our slippers usually consist of a combination of leather, canvas, cork and rubber. For example, the straps could be made of canvas, and the sole of cork or leather.  We keep current fashion trends in mind when designing new slippers. Some slippers wholly consist of rubber or leather. The rubber ones can also be worn in the shower, because they are water-repellent. We keep the rest of our collection in mind when designing new slippers. This way, any pair you choose will correspond in some way to clothes that are part of the same Brunotti fashion collection. The colors of our collection match the colors of slipper straps and soles, for example.

Summer clothes: slippers

Slippers are excellent summer footwear. Because our slippers are designed in conjunction with the rest of our collection, they are easy to mix and match with the rest of the Brunotti collection for men. Whenever you view a pair of slippers online, we suggest other items such as shorts or shirts that might go well with them. It's also easy to spot whether your size is still available, which means anything you purchase is really in stock. When the weather is nice enough to wear slippers, you might also want to wear a pair of sunglasses. Stylish sunglasses complete your look and provide necessary sun protection. A hat or cap would also work well. Find shirts, polos, t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses and caps to create a full summer look in the Brunotti web shop.

Shop online: slippers

To avoid long lines at check-out, many men prefer shopping online. Browse the largest online collection of Brunotti slippers for men, and order right away. Our wide selection means you have always have ample choice. Spotting whether your size is still available is easy, and anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDeal, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment. If, in the end, you are dissatisfied with your shorts or swim shorts, you can return the item in its original packaging, and we will distribute a refund. On our sales page, you can always find some wonderful slippers offered at a reduced price. uses cookies I understand