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Every year, 8 million tons of plastic disappear into the ocean. At the moment only 14% of all plastic is recycled. We all realize that we live in a (plastic) throw away era and that we have to do something about it. That is why we contribute to reducing plastic consumption and increasing sustainability in our products and workplace as much as possible. We respect people and the planet. Therefore, it is very important we act with this statement in our mind.


We try to reduce the use of irresponsible materials and processes as much as possible. For example, we reduce the use of plastic bags by using bags made of FSC paper. But we also reduce the use of water and chemicals in our production processes. One of our winter coats is made from green PET bottles. Because this does not involve a dyeing process, this also saves a lot of chemicals and considerably less water is needed for the production of the jacket.


We reuse existing materials. We do this, for example, by reusing leftover fabrics for the production of new collection items. Or reusing zippers. But also by reusing cardboard boxes for our webshop orders, if they are not damaged, we use them again.


We are increasingly using recycled materials, such as new yarn and fabrics made of plastic. These yarns and fabrics are used for our new collections. We already do this for different items and will do this more and more every year.