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As humans we have a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility to take care of our planet. Unfortunately, the effects of the choices we make are not always positive.

In order to reduce or even eliminate the impact of these negative consequences, it is important that we take back our responsibility in the right way. As a company, we do this in visible and less visible ways. We are convinced that every little bit contributes to creating a better and cleaner world. By doing this together, small steps make a big difference. Below you can read which changes we have made within our company and in our business operations.



The entire Brunotti Headquarters is equipped with LED lightning and economical fluorescent beams. Each department has its own central light circuit. Specific areas such as toilets and the kitchen are equipped with motion detectors, so that light does not remain unnecessarily lit when no people are present. We use green energy which is 100% sustainable because the energy is generated in wind farms.


Our goal is to work with as many sustainable products as possible, including in our workspace. For example, we use notebooks made from recycled FSC paper. We make less personalized items. We have abandoned the production of sugar and milk bags printed with our logo. In our view, these are all separate productions that are not necessary. We work with bulk packaging to reduce production and waste.


All waste is separated from the workplace. A paper bin and waste bin. Paper is collected separately by Remondis and is 100% recycled.


All paper used within Brunotti is of FSC quality. Therefore, it has a responsible origin or is made of 100% recycled paper. The primary objective is REDUCE: we do everything we can to use less paper, so only print if really necessary. Preferably we print double-sided in black and white, exceptionally in color.


We also try to reduce the impact on the environment in the logistics processes. We pay attention to the amount of packaging materials we use. For example, clothing is packed in bulk packaging, so less plastic and cardboard is needed. We also make conscious choices on the transport itself. We do this by working with transport companies who also find sustainability important.



Our warehouse is completely CO2 neutral!

Electricity is generated by Solar panels that were installed in 2018. We generated so much energy, that we give back the leftover energy to supply the network. Besides that, we heat up our warehouse via wood stoves that are fired on wood chips.


All boxes, in which Brunotti goods are shipped from the manufacturer, are reused. We consciously inform our customers with an indication on the boxes that they receive ?used? boxes. We do this to work on waste reduction (reduce) and ask them to have the boxes recycled. New boxes are made from FSC cardboard or 100% recycled cardboard.


Residual waste goes to incineration plants from which energy is generated. All boxes are also reused at the head office. Boxes that are not suitable for reuse for sending our goods to retailers, are stored separately and given to a charity for use.