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When we design and develop a new collection, we look for ways to do this as clean and sustainable as possible. For example, the filling in all our ski / snowboard jackets and trousers is made from recycled material. We also made a jacket out of green plastic bottles. The jacket is not painted, so it is only available in green. By not painting the jacket we save a lot of water and chemicals during the production process, which is much better for the environment.

Every year we keep looking for ways to produce our collection in an increasingly sustainable and environmentally conscious way. On this page you find several of our products which are made in a sustainable way.



The main difference between upcycling and recycling is the way we look at the process. With upcycling we take a creative look at waste and convert it into something new. With recycling, the material first must be broken down before it can be used again.

We have developed a jacket by using leftover fabrics from the past 3 years. We have put these together in 1 jacket. This way we use the leftover materials that we normally would throw away.


Our wetsuit supplier has made wetsuits greener than before by using numerous environmentally friendly technologies. For example; doped dye yarn, recycled polyester, Eco-carbon black, water-based glue, neoprene recycling process and limestone neoprene. With these efforts, we can save huge amounts of raw materials, energy and water resources. We love the environment we live in and our entire industry relies on its preservation. That?s why we continue to develop greener wetsuit technologies.


In our next Fall-winter collection we launch the Interio jacket which is completely recycled. The jacket is only available in green, because it is made from green plastic bottles. The yarn is not colored which saves 90% of the water consumption compared to traditional textiles. The jacket is PFC-free, water-repellent and chemical-free. The padding in the jacket is also recycled.

We can proudly say that this jacket is the most sustainable jacket in our collection!


Breathability is the ability of a fabric to let moisture vapor flow through the fabric. This is very important when you go ski,- or snowboarding. Because you don?t want to lose heat when you sit or stand still. But you want to keep ventilating when you are active. And that is exactly what the Clo-I padding ensures. And the best part is that this padding is made entirely from recycled materials.

The recycled Clo-I insulation filling is included in all our padded products. The fibers of this insulation have a unique shape that perfectly combines effective breathability, lightweight, warmth and water repellency.


You will find a hang tag on all of our products. A hangtag contains information about the product like the price, but also information about the product materials. All our sustainable products have a special hangtag, so the consumer can see that the item is made of, for example; organic cotton, recycled fabrics or zippers.


We are in favor of reusing materials from previous productions into new designs. This reduces the production of new items and we create leftovers that are otherwise no longer will be used. So, we re-use these zippers to not leave any extra waste and to avoid extra chemical use to blow unwanted substances into the world.


At Brunotti, we use eco-friendly and sustainable clothing labels, such as washing labels, textile labels, swing tickets and hanging labels. Swing tickets and packaging are produced with recycled paper or sources from sustainable forests. Recycled paper doesn?t have to look ?recycled? with a smudged effect and a gritty feel to actually be made from recycled material. That is often what people think, but not necessarily.


Brunotti uses ''swim hangers'' in-store to hang swimsuits and bikinis. All Brunotti ''swim hangers'' are made of recycled plastic.