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Brunotti Dominos JR Boys Snowpants. Available in 164,176 (162235314-0138)
€ 99.99€ 69.99
Brunotti Dominos JR Boys Snowpants. Available in 128,140 (162235301-0923)
€ 99.99€ 69.99
Brunotti Modenor JR Boys Jacket. Available in 128 (162232514-0751)
€ 99.99€ 69.99
Brunotti Modenor JR Boys Jacket. Available in 140 (162232513-0422)
€ 99.99€ 69.99

Brunotti winter clothing for boys

Our collection features beautiful winter clothing for sporty boys who love boardsports. This collection for boys consists of hoodies, ski jackets, ski pants, warm sweaters, fleece items, T-shirts, sweatpants, hats and other items. Are you going on a winter sports holiday this winter or are you staying at home? We have a complete range of cool winter sports items, but we also have trendy items for kids that are suitable for winter days in your own country. The collection is made of high-quality technical materials. These specially selected materials are very comfortable and the items have a great fit. #getonboard!

Kids collection

Our basics collection for boys consists of sweaters, sweat pants and vests. Ideal for working out or relaxing. Brunotti also has sports clothing for boys, such as T-shirts and sports pants made of quick dry fabric. Our regular winter clothing for boys consists of pants, tough looking boxer shorts, T-shirts, longsleeves, sweaters and accessories. Your son will be thrilled with his sporty Brunotti winter clothing.

Warm Brunotti clothing for boys

Brunotti also has beautiful clothing for boys for on the slopes, in the winter collection. We have, for example, warm comfortable ski jackets for boys, from jackets for beginners to jackets for the experienced. Our collection also features waterproof, breathing pants. The Brunotti ski pants have beautiful and useful details, such as triple-stitched seams for extra strength, snow catchers and extra deep pockets. After skiing you can dress yourself in a warm sweater, fleece sweater or sweat vest. These items are also useful when you are at home. All our sweats for boys match, so they can be worn together.

Ski clothes kids: order online

Buying clothes for children online is ideal, because you can order multiple sizes at the same time. You can always return the clothes that do not fit in their original packaging. This way, the kids can try on the various outfits at leisure, and in the comfort of their own home. At you will find everything to complete your ski clothes for this season.

Snow costume

Wearing the appropriate material is of utmost importance when you decide to go down the slopes. At you can find everything you may need. It is also easy to mix and match items from our collection. This also goes for our boy's jackets, fleece sweaters, ski pants, sweatshirts, hats, scarves and knitwear. Of course, the most important aspect of ski clothes is safety, which is why we also offer ski goggles and backpacks at Moreover, Brunotti's collection of children's clothes adheres to international safety regulations. That's why all our hooded sweaters up to size 140 (age 10/11 US and UK) have stringless hoods. This is only one of the regulations that our clothes adhere to. All Brunotti's children's clothes adhere to Hanse Control Safety Regulations for Children's Wear.

Boy's jacket: specifications

During the winter, many clothes are technically enhanced to increase warmth and functionality. Each items specifications are indicated by the icons at the bottom of the product page. Our jackets and pants are made of a durable material that protects from rain, snow, wind and cold weather.The pants are made of a durable material that can withstand a water column of 5000 to 20,000 millimeters. In other words, the pants water proof up until 5 to 20 meters of water pressure! Most of our jackets have multiple pockets to store your things, and some have a so-called "snow catcher" on the inside to keep out snow and cold.

Kids clothes: online shop

Of course, the biggest advantage of shopping with is that we're available 24/7, which means you can access Brunotti's biggest online collection whenever you please. Placing an order is easy, and anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDeal, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment. When you order an item that is in stock, we ensure a speedy delivery. If, in the end, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return the item in the original packaging. You will have the choice between exchanging the article, or receiving a refund.

Kid's clothes for sale

There are always some items for sale at Brunotti's online shop. You can find these items on the sales page. Here, you will also find snowboarding or skiing clothes offered at a reduced price. It's easy to spot the amount of discount you will get, and you can check whether your size is still in stock. uses cookies I understand