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Brunotti Ynfa JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,128,140,176 (162241922-000)
€ 39.99€ 27.99
Brunotti Ysini JR Girls Fleece. Available in 140 (162241921-0923)
€ 39.99€ 27.99
Brunotti Ymignano JR Girls Fleece. Available in 128 (162241919-103)
€ 29.99€ 20.99
Brunotti Yarkna JR Girls Fleece. Available in 176 (162241915-0627)
€ 19.99€ 13.99
Brunotti Yarkna JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,140,164 (162241914-103)
€ 19.99€ 13.99
Brunotti Yri JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,140,176 (162241909-0372)
€ 39.99€ 27.99
Brunotti Ygna JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,128,140,152,164,176 (162241908-0923)
€ 59.99€ 41.99
Brunotti Ycerra JR Girls Fleece. Available in 140,152,164,176 (162241903-0373)
€ 49.99€ 34.99
Brunotti Ycerra JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,128,140,152,164,176 (162241902-000)
€ 49.99€ 34.99
Brunotti Ycerra JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,128,140,152,164,176 (162241901-0372)
€ 49.99€ 34.99
Brunotti Ycerra JR Girls Fleece. Available in 116,128,140,164,176 (162241900-0923)
€ 49.99€ 34.99

Brunotti fleece sweaters for girls

We offer a beautiful selection of various kinds of fleece items for girls. We have fleece vests and fleece sweaters in various prints and colours. Fleece items are great to wear while doing winter sports: you can wear them for extra warmth under you ski jacket. But the Brunotti fleece items can also be worn without a jacket. They are really soft and warm and on sunny winter sports days you can even wear them without a jacket!

The Brunotti items are all very flexible and made of high-quality materials. We also always offer a comfortable fit that allows for easy movement on the slopes. Our fleece items can be combined with other Brunotti items and match the colours and prints of our ski jackets and ski pants.

Fleece: warm sweaters for girls

Owning a fleece sweater is essential during a snow vacation. Fleece is very comfortable to wear while skiing or snowboarding because it is made of brushed polyester material. This makes the sweater extra warm and soft. Warm sweaters for kids can be ordered with ease at Brunotti.com. Fleece sweaters are also very suitable as outdoor clothing. Most fleece jackets have a zipper so that it's easy to take off, and some also have a hood. Our so-called "bonded fleece" items are lined with faux fur, also called "teddy." "Bonded" here means that two types of fabric have been glued together. In these case, the exterior is usually made of fleece, whereas the interior is lined with fake fur or thicker fleece material. These kinds of fleece jackets could also be worn as coats, and they also function as an extra thick children's sweater during the winter.

Fleece: specifications

A fleece sweater is an upper garment made of brushed polyester which makes it extra warm and soft. A fleece is usually worn under a coat to preserve body heat. Fleece sweaters for children usually have collars with a decorative zipper. You can wear your clothes with the zipper opened or closed. All our clothes adhere to international safety regulations for children's clothes, called Hanse Control Safety Regulations for Children's Wear.

Online store: winter clothes kids

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is having a great oversight of each item's specifications and extras. It's convenient to view other items that match your ski outfit. Placing an order is easy, and anything can be purchased securely by paying with iDeal, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or through authorized payment.

Girl clothes on sale

There are always some clothes on sale at Brunotti's online shop. At the end of the season you will find children's fleece sweaters and jackets, bonded fleece jackets, ski pants, ski jackets, jackets, sweatshirts, knits, ski suits, hats, beanies, caps, scarves, backpacks, bags, sunglasses and ski goggles on our sales page, offered at a reduced price. Brunotti makes it easy to order clothes for children online at Brunotti.com.

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