Liam Whaley Seeking Cloud Nine

Liam Whaley Seeking Cloud 9

World Champion Liam Whaley is one of the riders and creators of our brand. Working together with other world class athletes and Brunotti colleagues he strengthens the brand on its mission to get everybody on board. Liam totally dressed up with our Brunotti gear when kiting, surfing, wakeboarding or chilling on the beach. Liam is stoked about our Smartshell Harness, since his first session it's giving him full body movement while not compromising any support, as you can see in Seeking Cloud Nine.

Liam: "Seeking Cloud Nine started off as an idea. My idea was to go to the best Kiteboarding location on the planet and make the craziest freestyle video ever, showcased in a way that hasn't been seen before. Then I realized that I was bored of kiting videos. I wanted to make something unique and memorable that could be distributed inside as well as outside of the kiting world..."

door Anouk Van Haaster