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Meet Ben van der steen

Meet Ben van der steen

Ben van der steen

Ben van der steen

Ben van der steen

Discipline Slalom windsurfing

Country Netherlands

"After the first time, I was hooked for life"

Ben van der steenBen van der steenBen van der steen
Ben van der Steen
Slalom windsurfing

I am a windsurfer from Holland born in 1979 just like the Brunotti brand, I grew up skateboarding, snowboarding from an age of 4 and when my friends started to windsurf I tried it as well at an age of 12. After I tried windsurfing once, I was hooked for life. I started competing in the Dutch national tour in all disciplines and after a couple of years I won the nationals in all disciplines and started my international adventure. At an age of 15 I did my 1st Speed world championship were I finished top 10 in the men?s division.

After many years on the PWA world tour doing all disciplines (Wave, Freestyle and Racing) I decided to concentrate on one discipline, Slalom. This is the Racing discipline in the PWA world tour and besides this I enjoy GPS speed windsurfing and hitting the waves when the conditions are good on both windsurf and surfboard.

I currently live in Tarifa, Spain where I live with my wife and my little daughter and son. I train here and work on the development for my sail sponsor as well as chasing the good conditions we have around here in winter and summer.

Upcoming year I will be competing at all the slalom competitions on the PWA world tour again and go around Europe /the World to windsurf and promote the sport I love . I will Also Travel to some of the best places where I will try to get some nice clips and pictures for everyone to enjoy!

After the first time, I was hooked for life

Trophy room

2014 world champion IFCA Slalom
2014 PWA Tourstop winner in New Caledonia

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Recap PWA Canarische Eilanden

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Friday 20 July 2018

Ricardo is Rockin' in Pozo

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