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Meet Lilian de Geus

Meet Lilian de Geus

Lilian de Geus

Lilian de Geus

Lilian de Geus

Discipline RS:X windsurfing

Country Netherlands

"Training together with my twin sister and others stimulated me and we pushed each other to a higher level"

Lilian de GeusLilian de GeusLilian de Geus
Lilian de Geus
RS:X windsurfing

I am Lilian de Geus, living in Scheveningen, born in 1991 and my biggest passion is windsurfing. My hobbies are all kind of boardsports (surfing, kiting, supping) and mountain biking.

My brothers started teaching me windsurfing on a little fun board when I was 12 years old, together with my twin sister in Italy at Lake Garda. I enjoyed windsurfing so much that I bought one slalom set in Holland from my saving money. I started racing at the windsurfing club and in the BIC Techno 239 youth class. In 2010 I was selected for the talent academy of the Watersportverbond and started competing in the RS:X Olympic class. Training together with my twin sister and others stimulated me and we pushed each other to a higher level. My twin sister went further in the slalom class and I reached the top level in the Olympic RSX class. I qualified myself for the Olympics in Rio 2016 and ended 4th.

After ending 4th in Rio de Janeiro, I directly decided to continue my goal. At the moment I?m windsurfing fulltime and traveling all over the world to try and reach my dream: winning the gold medal at the Olympics in 2020. To reach that level I do a full-time program to lift up my level to achieve the highest level I could ever get. Last years have been successful with many medals at World Cups, the bronze medal at the World Championships RS:X in Oman in 2015 and the 4th place at the Olympics in Rio.

Together with the Brunotti team I worked on both harnesses and wetsuits, working on the best shapes and techniques to help me perform at my top level during the trainings and competitions.

Training together with my twin sister and others stimulated me and we pushed each other to a higher level
Australie (Perth)
New zeeland Brazilie (Buzios)
Scheveningen (ZW 30 knopen)
Tenerife (El medano)
Gran Canaria (pozo)

Trophy room

2016: 4th during the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro
2015 World Cup ISAF Sailing Champion
2016 2nd Sailing World Cup Miami, USA
2015 2nd World Cup Rio Test Event (BRA)
2016 3rd RSX World Championship Eilat, ISR

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