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Meet Rick Jendrusch

Meet Rick Jendrusch

Rick Jendrusch

Rick Jendrusch

Rick Jendrusch

Discipline Freestyle windsurfing

Country Netherlands

"I feel really honored to live the surf life I live"

Rick JendruschRick JendruschRick Jendrusch
Rick Jendrusch
Freestyle windsurfing

I'm a 22 year old windsurfer from the south of Holland, proud to be born in one of the most famous surf spots in the Netherlands "Brouwersdam". I still live there and probably will never leave. My dad taught me windsurfing for the first time when I was 4 years of age and never stopped doing it. Since 2011, I?m sailing on the PWA Freestyle world tour. In 2014 I finished my study marketing, communication & event management at the Johan Cruyff College. After my study I?m fully focused on windsurfing.

As my parents own a windsurf school, windsurfing is just something that?s in my blood. I love to be in the water and be surrounded by nature. Chasing strong winds and good waves. Freestyle is a discipline where you have a lot of freedom, show the best tricks, pushing limits and try new things. For me it?s something where I can be myself and do what I love to do. I want to win but I also want to see the world and find the best spots with all my friends and just have a good time on the water, this is also my way to get ready for the season.

I feel really honored to live the surf life I live, to see all these beautiful destinations around the world and chase the wind wherever I go to train for the goals I set for myself in this upcoming year.

Brouwersdam (Holland)
I feel really honored to live the surf life I live

Trophy room

2011 World Champion Freestyle Under 20
2009 World Champion Freestyle Under 17
2010 European Champion Freestyle Under 20
2013 4th Overall EFPT freestyle ( European chamionships)
2013 13th PWA Freestyle World Championships, Fuerteventura

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Welkom Joshua!

Ons team is aan het groeien! Met trots stellen we je voor onze nieuwste teamrider: Joshua Emanuel!

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Monday 13 August 2018

Recap PWA Canarische Eilanden

Terugblik op PWA World Tour op Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura en Tenerife met Sarah-Quita Offringa, Ricardo Campello en Amado Vrieswijk.

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Friday 20 July 2018

Ricardo is Rockin' in Pozo

Ricardo over zijn prestaties tijdens de PWA World Tour in Gran Canaria - Pozo

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