Corporate Social Responsibility

Brunotti was founded from pure passion for boardsports and its lifestyle. We are enjoying the waves, mountains and elements of nature for more than 3 decades. That?s why we?ll have to take care of our environmental and social impact. Because we have this passion for boardsports, we want to make these sports accessible for everyone. This means that our social responsibility policy includes protecting people and the planet.

We cannot change the world in a day, but these steps are a start.

We advocate a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

Brunotti supports everyone to be active, amateurs and professionals.

Reduce our footprint to ensure a clean environment.


Working conditions

Brunotti operates in an honest, open and fair environment. We create a good working environment for our employees at the headquarters by focusing on the quality of our workplaces according to ARBO norms. We also demand that our suppliers have the same ethics and methods. Brunotti expects its suppliers to ensure that all production facilities, processes, employment conditions and accommodation are healthy and safe for all employees. All suppliers of Brunotti have to sign and follow up the 'Brunotti Code of Conduct and business ethic'. The Brunotti Code of Conduct includes for example a list of restricted substances, and the international standard of the International Labour Organisation.

Get on board!

Brunotti promotes a healthy lifestyle and is encouraging everyone to get on a board! Brunotti?s talent program supports young riders who are active in boardsports. These teamriders are real ambassadors for the boardsports. It?s not about how big their trick is, it?s about how big their smile is, while riding. That is what makes you feel great, and that?s what we want to share. Because we like riding together Brunotti is organizing boardsports events on different locations, like SUP clinics in the cities, surfcamps in France and different kitesurfschools. This way we will make it easy for you to get on a board!


In our operations we respect the planet. We do this to ensure that the next generation can
also enjoy the earth and that nature is preserved. We are working hard on minimising our
impact on the environment.

Reducing our footprint

Our efforts to stimulate sustainability begins at the head office. Brunotti wants to increase the awareness of its employees. We stimulate sustainability by making efficient use of electricity, paper and water. At the head office and in the showrooms all spotlights are being replaced by energy efficient LED lighting. We only print on FSC paper and make sure there is less frequent and double-sided printing. No plastic cups are used and we drink fair trade coffee and tea. We only use 100% biodegradable poly bags. We also watch our water use. We do this because we want to be sure that we have a positive influence on the environment with every drop we save. In front of our head office we have created 4 parking places for electrical cars. Brunotti's objective is to stimulate sustainability more and more every year and thus reduce our footprint.

Materials and Chemicals

Currently, 15% of the collection is made of eco-friendly, (partially) recycled or organic materials. Organic cotton is developed without using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers, reducing pollution and the influence on the natural ecosystem. Brunotti aims to increase the use of these materials by at least 2% every year. Brunotti also uses a 'Restricted Substances List'. This is to combat the use of materials or auxiliary substances that could harm people and planet.

Plastic Soup Foundation

Since November 2014 Brunotti is officially a so called "Business Angel" of the Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) and supports them with their goal to clean our oceans. If we want to enjoy the beauty of our ocean and the carefreeness that they bring with them in the future, we have the responsibility to act now! But not only our company itself, also one of our team rider's and current olympic windsurfing champion, Dorian van Rijsselberghe, is supporting the Foundation as an Ambassador.

WFSGI membership

Brunotti is a member of 'The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI)'. This is an umbrella organisation for the sports industry that is officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a representative industry in the Olympic Family.

The WFSGI is an independent non-profit organisation. It is shaped by sport and sport-inspired leisure brands, factories, suppliers, sellers, national/regional unions, industry and associations and all sports-related business.

The WFSGI developed from several committees that exchange information about various problems and topics: the CSR Committee sets up corporate social responsibility initiatives. For more information:


Brunotti is working on collaboration with an independent, non-profit, CRS (Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) organisation for even bigger improvement in the future.

Brunotti has made far-reaching efforts to meet the requirements for obtaining membership of the 'Fair Wear Foundation' (FWF) or BSCI.

If you have any questions or advice,
please let us now!

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