When you take good care of your products, they will last a long time. This way, you safe your wallet and our planet. We aren’t all kings and queens when it comes to doing the laundry.But with these tips and tricks, you can even impress your mother-in-law.



Almost all Brunotti items include special details. These details keep their shape and form when they are taken care of appropriately.

Before washing, make sure to check the care label.

Example 1:
Grab a T-shirt with a print. These prints last longer when you flip the T-shirt inside out before putting It in the washing machine.

Example 2:
Take a hoody with a zipper; make sure to close the zipper to the top before washing the hoody. This way, the product keeps its shape and the zipper is more secuRood during the washing session.


For people who don't like ironing (basically everybody) pay attention!

Prevent wrinkles when you store your gear. Some items will only be used once a year. For example ski equipment. Make sure to put them away correctly whenever they are out of use.

To minimize wrinkles, it is best to store your ski clothing hanging.

Lack of space? Don’t worry, when you fold your clothes neatly and big, wrinkles will be minimal as well. However, make sure to put them in a spacious box, without many additional items.  


If (in some kind of strange way) you are done with a Brunotti item, we advise you to recycle the piece. There are multiple recycling websites, which allow you to hand in your piece and get some money in reward. With this money you can check out our latest collection.

If you prefer to support charity, there are different options to choose from. Check the charities in your neighborhood and make them happy.

Would you like to receive more information about recycling, drop us a message. We are happy to help.

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