As the chill of winter settles in, finding the perfect balance between warmth and flexibility is essential.

Discover Brunotti's warmth ratios tailored for various winter conditions, ensuring you stay cozy and stylish in every snow-covered adventure.

Warmth Ratio 1

• Achieve essential warmth and comfort effortlessly.
• Versatility that's perfect for layering.
• Perfect for adapting to mild or chilly winter conditions.

Warmth Ratio 2

• Find the perfect balance between warmth and performance.
• Ideal for layering, offering comfort and flexibility.
• Adds mid-level warmth without sacrificing mobility or adding bulk.

Warmth Ratio 2

• Crafted for conquering most winter days on the mountain.
• The perfect balance between warmth and comfort.
• Experience lasting warmth without compromising freedom of movement.

Warmth Ratio 2

• Stay warm and cozy, even on the coldest days.
• Great for light activities with the highest level of thermal comfort.
• Elevate your winter sports experience with superior warmth and performance.

Personalizing Comfort and Performance

Optimizing Your Winter Experience

The Brunotti warmth ratios serve as our expert advice. However, your personal temperature comfort level depends on factors such as personal preference, the level of activity you are engaged in, and the layers worn underneath your snow jacket or snow pants.

For instance, a snow jacket with warmth ratio 2 might not seem warm but is perfect for someone engaged in high-performance snow activities. The key is to regulate your temperature with layers, such as fleece and thermal underwear. Customize your winter experience based on your unique needs and preferences.