Girls sitting in a ski cabin wearing warm fleeces and beanies.


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Chiny-PP Girls Fleece | BlueChiny-PP Girls Fleece | Blue
Chiny-PP Girls Fleece | Blue Sale price€34,99 Regular price€69,99
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Mismy Girls Fleece | PinkMismy Girls Fleece | Pink
Mismy Girls Fleece | Pink Sale price€15,00 Regular price€29,99
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Mismy-AO Girls Fleece | WhiteMismy-AO Girls Fleece | White
Mismy-AO Girls Fleece | White Sale priceFrom €20,00 Regular price€39,99
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Mismy Girls Fleece | RedMismy Girls Fleece | Red
Mismy Girls Fleece | Red Sale priceFrom €15,00 Regular price€29,99
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Mismy Girls Fleece | Steel BlueMismy Girls Fleece | Steel Blue
Mismy Girls Fleece | Steel Blue Sale price€15,00 Regular price€29,99
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Mismy Girls Fleece | BlueMismy Girls Fleece | Blue
Mismy Girls Fleece | Blue Sale priceFrom €15,00 Regular price€29,99
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Rodikia Girls Fleece | BlueRodikia Girls Fleece | Blue
Rodikia Girls Fleece | Blue Sale price€24,99 Regular price€49,99
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Tussya Girls Fleece | BlackTussya Girls Fleece | Black
Tussya Girls Fleece | Black Sale price€24,99 Regular price€49,99
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Kyoti Girls Fleece Vest | BlackKyoti Girls Fleece Vest | Black
Kyoti Girls Fleece Vest | Black Sale price€29,99 Regular price€59,99
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Rodikia Girls Fleece | WhiteRodikia Girls Fleece | White
Rodikia Girls Fleece | White Sale price€24,99 Regular price€49,99
Mismy-N Girls Fleece | BlackMismy-N Girls Fleece | Black
Mismy-N Girls Fleece | Black Sale price€29,99
Discover the versatility of fleece sweaters for girls! Whether it serves as a base layer for your ski outfit or simply as an essential garment for all winter, fleece sweaters are a must-have.

With their soft and insulating properties, fleece sweaters keep you warm and comfortable in colder temperatures. Whether for outdoor play, snow fun or just everyday activities, these sweaters provide the perfect protection from the cold.

Fleece sweaters are lightweight and breathable, making them easy to wear and offering optimal freedom of movement. They are also quick-drying, which comes in handy for active kids who like to romp in the snow.

Moreover, fleece sweaters come in a variety of styles and colors, making them both functional and trendy.

Whether on the slopes or just for everyday use, fleece sweaters for girls are a smart investment for the winter wardrobe. They offer not only warmth and comfort, but also durability and style.