Bikini Fit Guide

Are you looking for a bikini in which you feel completely you? Finding the perfect bikini often turns out to be more difficult than expected. Partly for this reason the Brunotti Bikini Guide was developed. In this way we hope to make your search for the perfect bikini a little easier.

Our bikini tops come in different shapes: the triangle top, the halter top, the bralette top, the sports top and the underwire top. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your chosen top. Are you curious which top we recommend for your figure? Then please read on.
When choosing a bikini, your first concern is to feel comfortable so that you can enjoy the sun with confidence. Do you find it difficult to choose a bikini that suits your figure? Below we give advice on which top model fits each body type best. After reading this, you will know exactly what to do to accentuate your curves or shift your focus to other areas.

The hourglass figure is characterized by hips that are as wide as your shoulders and a narrow waist. With this figure, you can have any bikini top just fine. If you want to accentuate your waist, you can choose a halter top. If you have a larger cup size, an underwire top is again suitable for extra support.

Do you have an athletic figure with broader shoulders and subtle curves? You can shape your figure by choosing eye-catching bikinis with prints and extra details. A triangle top will fit your figure nicely. A sports top also suits your body well.

Do you have narrow shoulders, a slim waist, hips wider than your shoulders and fuller thighs and buttocks? Then you have a pear figure. Shift the focus from your lower body to your upper body by wearing a bandeau top or by choosing a top with lots of color and/or prints. Also, a crop top or halter top provides a nice balance between upper and lower body.

The straight figure is characterized by a modest cup size and narrower hips. Because you need little support, a triangle top is sure to look good on you. Optically, you can add more curves by choosing a triangle top with padding or eye-catching print. A sports top also suits your body well.

Do you have an apple figure with full breasts and slimmer hips and legs? An underwired top gives you the extra support you need. A halter top also fits your body nicely.

Please note
For measurements, please see the size chart on the product page of the bikini.