Gravity Fullsuit 5/3 mm Men Wetsuit | Black

Sale price€259,99
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Colour: Black
Size: XS
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The Gravity will fit your body like a glove. The Gravity flexprene seeps out the cold and seals in the warmth, without compromising on flexibility. Also, it is available in multiple thicknesses, so choose the thickness which suits your playground. The Gravity is glued blind stitched which means that the edges of the panel are placed end on end together. They are then stitched on the inside. The stitching does not go all the way through the outside of the panels, therefore giving hidden strength to the seams.
The hexagon quick dry lining insulates heat and dries fast.
The front zip provides more isolation, less water flush and more freedom of movement since the back patch is made out of one single pattern.

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