Our features, your comfort

There is a lot of passion going through every innovation within our collection. From a sustainable choice towards warm and comfy styles. We've got you covered.


Why do we use padding?

Padding is a layer of material that is inserted between two layers of fabric or attached to the back of a single layer of fabric to provide additional thickness, insulation, or support.

Our padding is made from recycled materials. Our jackets keep you warm while you slide down the slopes.

Let's face the fabric

Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester, often abbreviated as rPET, is a sustainable textile material made from post-consumer plastic bottles and other plastic waste. The recycling process transforms this waste into polyester fibers, reducing the environmental impact of traditional polyester production, conserving resources, and helping to mitigate plastic pollution.

Grid fleece

Grid fleece is a versatile fabric used in outdoor clothing. It features a grid-like pattern on the interior surface that creates air pockets, enhancing insulation and breathability. This design efficiently wicks moisture away from the body, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking warmth and comfort during various activities.


Softshell is a type of flexible, weather-resistant fabric used in outdoor apparel. It combines breathability and water resistance with a comfortable stretch. Ideal for active pursuits, softshell garments provide protection from wind and light precipitation while allowing moisture to escape, making them perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities.


Ripstop is a durable fabric characterized by its unique grid-like pattern, designed to prevent tears and rips from spreading. Originally used in military gear, it's now commonly found in outdoor and recreational clothing. Ripstop's reinforced structure makes it resistant to wear and tear, making it perfect for rugged outdoor adventures.

A sustainable side note

Every year, we aim to develop our collections greener than before and we try to work as much as possible with sustainable resources. We have looked into every single detail of our work processes and found solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle.