Gravity Fullsuit 4/3mm Men Wetsuit | Titanium

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Colour: Titanium
Size: XS
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The Gravity fits like a glove. Its Gravity Flexprene keeps the cold out while retaining warmth, without compromising on flexibility. Additionally, it comes in multiple thicknesses, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. The Gravity is glued and blind-stitched, meaning that the edges of the panels are seamlessly attached to each other. They are then stitched on the inside. The stitching doesn't go all the way through the outer panels, ensuring hidden seam strength.

The quick-drying hexagon lining insulates heat and dries rapidly. The front zip provides added insulation, reduces water ingress, and offers greater freedom of movement, as the rear panel consists of a single patch.

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Technical Features

3D Flex Pattern

The 3D Flex Pattern in designed to maximize your freedom of movement. This is to ensure you will be comfortable while moving.

Glued Blind Stich

The edges of the panels are placed end on end and glued together. They are then stitched on the inside, the stitching does not go all the way through to the outside of the panels, therefore giving hidden strength to the seams.

Hexagon Quick Dry

Hexagon Quick dry lining insulates heat and dries fast. Is it our latest and most advanced inner lining. It Is ideal for multiple surf sessions throughout the day.

Gravity Flexprene

The lightest and warmest neopreneon the market; lightweight, stretchy
and softer than most other suits, resulting In an easy to wear wetsuit.

Motion X Neoprene

A flexible and soft-touch neoprene for the highest levels of comfort and movability. This is our midrange quality neoprene.

Flat-Lock Stiched

Flat-lock stitching involves laying one panel edge over the other, then stitching though the neoprene, resulting in flexible and strong seams.

Ultra Thin Taped Seams

Used on the inside of our most high-end wetsuits. It maximizes the warmth and stretch of the seams. This taping is made of the finest stretch neoprene available.

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